Educational Goals & Core Competencies

In cooperation with the vocational skills excellent reengineering program,the college fosters the necessary industry professionals in electrical control technology, electronic technology, and information communications technology. And by planning multiple interdisciplinary processes, research teams, practical and pragmatic philosophy, it can develop a high - tech talent training institution with characteristics of electrical, electronic, and information.

Educational Goals

  • Foster students with knowledge and skills related to industries of electric and information.
  • Foster students to become pragmatic and pratical, innovative thinking and International industry professionals.
  • Foster students with communication technology, international cooperation and lifelong learning.
  • Foster students with humanities and social care.

Core Competencies

  • Have the ability to practice specialized hardware and software of elelctric and information.
  • Have the ability to explore issues and solve problems.
  • Have the ability to communicate, express and integrate.
  • Have the ability to think independently and research and develop innovatively.
  • Have the ability of self-learning and social services.